Greetings to all,

We are delighted to host you on YONEX SLOVENIA INTERNATIONAL 2021 where safety and your well being is our priority.

Greetings to all,

We are delighted to host you on YONEX SLOVENIA INTERNATIONAL 2021 where safety and your well being is our priority.

Due to the fact that Slovenia is still under impact of COVID-19 we are forced to implement safety protocols. All protocols are summarized and shared on our tournament portal. For easy usage you can find printable version as well.

We are all hoping to complete this tournament without any complications therefore we are asking for your patience and honoring of our published protocols.

Tournament info:


The final schedule is available under section RESULTS.

Entering / leaving the venue

Please make sure that you are tested before coming to the venue. Only people who have proof of a daily negative test for SARS-CoV-2 will be allowed to enter the venue! Players (and their coaches) are allowed to enter the venue only 1.5 hours before their match is scheduled and are expected to leave as soon as possible after their match is finished.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms will be available, but showers may not be used. You have to shower in your hotel room.

Meeting Point / Walk-on & walk-off

Technical officials and player positions in the meeting point are marked on the floor to ensure proper distance of 2 meters. Each court has its own waiting line/area. Take care to keep the minimum distance of 2 meters during walk-on and walk-off. COVID: Hand sanitizer will be available at the meeting point, and players and officials are expected to disinfect hands before and after the match.


Only one coach per player/pair is permitted behind the court.


For the toss, players stay at the service line on each side of the net while the umpire stays at the net.

Shuttle change

A shuttlecock dispenser will be provided at each side of the court. When a player wants to change the shuttlecock, and is allowed to do so by the Umpire, the player can return the used shuttlecock into the shuttle box and take a new shuttlecock from the dispenser.

Doping tests

Doping tests can be conducted at any time according to local law.

Medical services

A physiotherapist will be available throughout the tournament during hours of play. Please contact the tournament office, if you need to see the physiotherapist or other medical help.

Prize giving ceremonies

Prize giving ceremonies will be conducted immediately after each final concludes. Prize money can be collected only in person at the tournament office.

Entry fees

If entry fees have not been paid in advance, they can be paid at the tournament office.


Organization committee
Tournament Office
Tournament Director
Matevž Šrekl
Monique Bastien (SUI)
Deputy Referee
Darko Vidakovic (CRO)